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Women's Voice

WUCWO Women eager to be in Dakar for the General Assembly

Here you can find extracts from some of the articles found in Women's Voice issue 45.


President General's Message, Maria Giovanna Ruggieri

The theme we have chosen for our next General Assembly is: “WUCWO women, carriers of “living water” to a world which thirsts for Peace.” What does it mean for all of us? [...] First of all, we need to draw living water from the well, that is our Saviour Jesus the Word of God, the Sacraments, the Magisterium of the Church must be the firm foundations of our commitment. Our model is and remains the Virgin Mary who was the first to welcome and follow Jesus. Many are the challenges we have to face. [...]

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“Women of WUCWO: one face of the people of God”, Father Gerard Whelan, SJ

[...] through our membership of WUCWO we support the work of sending representatives to United Nations meetings and those of other regional political bodies, helping the voice of the Catholic members of the People of God be heard at those levels; and, finally, though the contacts of our WUCWO officials here in Rome with officials the Vatican curia we help the voice of those who have the instinct of faith be heard by those who exercise responsibility for the universal church.  [...]

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“The joy of fresh, clean water”, Patricia Banister

How far do you travel for water? Every day thousands of women and children around the world cover many kilometres to fetch water. In Africa and Asia, the average distance women and girls walk to collect water is 6 km. That is like walking more than 12 times around a football field. Women and girls carry up to 20kg of water on their heads during each walking trip. [...] For women, who have long been the “water carriers” in the undeveloped countries of our world, some are finally able to provide for their families the joy of fresh, clean water.

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“My journey to dakar”, Velma Harasen

“WUCWO Women, Carriers of ‘living water’ to a World Which Thirsts for Peace” – the theme that takes us to Dakar, Senegal October, 2018! And what a journey it has been for me! My interest and love for WUCWO has been long standing! I experienced WUCWO at North America Regional meetings in Montreal, Winnipeg, Fort Lauderdale and Halifax. I was part of the committee that established Canada’s WUCWO Endowment Fund in 2001 which has contributed well over $400,000.00 to the WUCWO coffers! [...] As my term ends, my heart is full of gratitude for the experience I’ve enjoyed. My faith has been enriched and I have acquired many wonderful friends. I will cherish the memories forever! [...]

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“WUCWO Woman, carrier of "living water"”, Jacqueline Maboul Mindja

From the very beginning, biblical theology has shown us water as an invigorating element of nature. This element, which is presented as the first, covered the expanse of the earth (cf. Gen 1:2). It is from water that all other beings come into existence. We will say in ordinary language that "water is life". The theme of our reflection invites us today to take a look at the WUCWO women carriers of living water to purify and bring peace to their environment and the world. [...]

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“Road to Dakar 2018”, Elsa A. Tosi de Muzio

[...] WUCWO must be vigilant to always be faith involved in human history, hope in active movement, charity in fraternal service, missionary commitment, prophetic action, ecclesial communion in the human family. That is why Dakar 2018 invites us to set out on the journey of cultivating life with "Living Water" and reminds us of the necessary conditions to carry out this mission: fidelity to the message, evangelical discernment, honesty in intentions, and coherent conduct, as guarantors that the "cultivation" receives "Living Water", giver of Life. [...]

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“African women eager to host the General Assembly in Dakar”, Marie Madeleine Mwifi Bodibatu

[...] The joy is already immense for WUCWO women to meet and to reunite with our sisters from other countries and organisations. We will gather around Jesus our Lord and share our faith in Him, to put our Christian life experiences together, to renew our attachment to our Lord Jesus and to her Mother the Virgin Mary, Patroness of WUCWO. [...]

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“Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean”, Virginia Rivero Lozada

WUCWO's Latin America and Caribbean Region successfully held the 6th Regional Conference in Antigua, Guatemala, from Thursday 26 to Sunday 28 October, 2017. A hundred women from 10 American countries - Argentina, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela - came together to contribute to the issue of family under the theme: "Family, seed of a humanised society". [...]

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Women's Voice

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Voices from our Member Organisations which are testimony to the commitment of WUCWO´s members on the theme: WUCWO Women eager to be in Dakar for the General Assembly.

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