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Women's Voice

Let us educate to respond to the call to holiness

Here you can find extracts from some of the articles found in Women's Voice latest issue.


Editorial, Virginia Rivero Lozada

[...] This issue will address the fourth of the Dakar resolutions:


This magazine is dedicated to Pilar Bellosillo, an exemplary woman who demonstrated that the life of a Christian is a mission. WUCWO, together with Acción Católica General of Spain, Manos Unidas and the Archdiocese of Madrid, started the cause of beatification and canonisation of Pilar. We are committed to promote her cause, working to expand her devotion and invoking her as an intercessor. [...]

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Message of the President General, María Lía Zervino, Servidora

[...] Dear Friends, on January 10th we had a private audience with Pope Francis. After such a gift to WUCWO, I decided that it would be worth including this wonderful experience in our magazine as well. What an immense grace to share! [...]

The Holy Father received us with great warmth and with his usual sense of humour, and immediately made us feel very comfortable, as if we were at home. [...]

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Message of the Ecclesiastical Assistant, Father Gerard Whelan, SJ

[…] In exploring the question of holiness, I want also to refer to the homily on Mary the Mother of God that the Pope delivered on 1st January 2020. In fact, one of the first comments made by Maria Lia during our meeting was to thank the Holy Father for this homily. He was visibly pleased at these thanks and explained that he felt strongly about what he preached on that occasion and had felt it easy to compose the homily.

Speaking of Mary the Mother of God, Pope Francis states, “of her, a woman, salvation comes forth and thus there is no salvation without a woman.” [...]

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“Let us join with joy and hope the beatification process of Pilar Bellosillo,” Mónica Santamarina de Robles, WUCWO Treasurer General

[...] We will work, to the best of our abilities, to promote Pilar´s beatification by encouraging the knowledge of her life, work and virtues; the visit of her web page pilarbellosillo.es; the distribution and use of the authorized image with her biography and the prayer to promote private devotion and ask for favours as well as donations to fund the expenditures of the process. I therefore invite you to know, love and pray to this great woman who has made so much for us. Let's ask for her intercession and support. Let us spread her life and work, and the image with her biography and prayer. [...]

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“A prophetic woman,” Adela González

[…] When I discovered her life and witness, I was fascinated by the depth of her faith and her tenacity in the struggle for equal rights for women in the world and in the Church. In my life of faith, it has been very important to discover, in Pilar’s life, how God continues to manifest himself through messengers, prophets and prophetesses of our time. Pilar taught us that to be a prophet is to listen to the Word in the Scripture and in the “signs of the times.” [...]

Those who knew Pilar highlight her sensitivity, her capacity to embrace reality, to contemplate it from the heart of God and to connect harmonically with it. [...]

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"When women educate for holiness, Rose Marie Maillier

Pope Francis once described women as “sentinels of the invisible”... this definition applies entirely to the members of the Action catholique des femmes. According to Pope Francis, they are called to witness to essential values.

Like their mothers and grandmothers, they open their hearts more easily to others and give themselves unhesitantly, especially in the family and in society. [...]

Continued in Women's Voice

“To be holy and blameless before Him in love, Leonie Holmes

It is up to us to carry on the good example of our forebears. Holiness is for everyone, especially parents and children. We are all called to the perfect holiness which is found in God our Father.

The Holy Spirit has given each one of us special gifts, which we must use to help us to be good. The “genius of woman” is seen in feminine styles of holiness, which are an essential means of reflecting God’s holiness to the world. […]

Continued in Women's Voice

“A testimony about the assembly of the International Forum, Marion Sénellart de Vrière

WUCWO is one of many Catholic-inspired NGOs present and active in international organisations (UN, European Union, Council of Europe, etc.). At the invitation of the Holy See, they met for three days in Rome in December as part of the Forum. […]

At the beginning of December, in Rome, we met about a hundred participants from many different countries. We were happy to see those we already knew, to get to know those with whom we had been in dialogue over the last few months through video conferences, and to meet the other guests and the NGOs they represented. [...]

Continued in Women's Voice


Women's Voice

Marzo 2020 ENG

Voices from our Member Organisations which are testimony to the commitment of WUCWO´s members on the theme: "Let us educate to respond to the call to holiness."

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