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Women's Voice

From Fatima to Dakar, 2014-2018

Here you can find extracts from some of the articles found in Women's Voice issue 47.


Editorial, Virginia Rivero Lozada

Today I present to you the Special Issue of our magazine Women's Voice No. 47, entitled "WUCWO FROM FATIMA TO DAKAR", which aims to be a “Summary" of the road travelled from the General Assembly of Fatima 2014 to the General Assembly of Dakar 2018.

In 2015, I took on the responsibility of being the Editor of the magazine by a decision of the Board – I was presented by the President. Since then, we have published twelve issues from No. 36 to 47. […]

Continued in Women's Voice

Message of the President General, Maria Giovanna Ruggieri

[…] WUCWO women: sowers of hope: this world needs hope, we will never get used to the globalisation of indifference. Our motto for this mandate has urged us to break walls, to create bridges, and to overcome misgivings and fears, trying to be seeds of hope in an attitude of dialogue and respect. Of course, there have been some difficulties, but we got through them, without being stopped by them. […]

Continued in Women's Voice

Message of the Ecclesiastical Assistant, Father Gerard Whelan, SJ

[…] I believe that the pontificate of Pope Francis represents such a time of historical significance for the Church. My hope is that members of WUCWO can prove the saying wrong and fully recognize how significant are the times we are passing through—and respond accordingly. […]

Continued in Women's Voice

“The Family and Youth”, Maribeth Stewart Blogoslawski

Family, the foundational unit of Society and Youth, the promise of tomorrow. Both of these topics have been the subject of intensive work by WUCWO in this mandate; indeed, there were Working Groups dedicated to each of these important areas and contributions to Episcopal Synods held on the challenges and opportunities inherent in the dynamics of these groups. […]

Continued in Women's Voice

“The Secretariat in the heart of the Church”, María Lía Zervino, Servidora

By the grace of God, the Secretariat working in Rome has allowed WUCWO to make a radical change. We are opening up a wider space of cooperation with the Holy See for a "service" with a feminine style.

In addition to the meetings as an International Public Association of the Faithful with the authorities of the new Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life, in particular with the Women's Sector, let’s recall some milestones of this period. […]

Continued in Women's Voice

General Assembly Dakar 2018, Monique Faye Thiandoum

Catholic women in Senegal can only rejoice regarding the chosen topic for the General Assemby, as it will nurture reflection and debates. In Senegal, as well as in all black Africa, the symbolic meaning of water has ties to religion, spirituality, myths and rituals. The African projection of water symbolises life in three dominant forms: the water as source of life, means of purification and centre of regeneration. […]

Continued in Women's Voice

“From Fatima to Dakar: time for sowing, time for watering, time for praying”, Elsa Tosi de Muzio

[…] The proposal for this edition of Women's Voice is to turn our gaze to Fatima to go to Dakar and set new horizons. It is an ideal place to discover the rainbow that links the two destinations, and which, like a protective mantle, can be seen in each of the many four-year periods that have passed. The semblance of the rainbow allows us to remember that throughout time, we went through flourishing springs but also windy winters, both intra and extra UMOFC, both on a personal and collective level, but nevertheless our Father watched over everything, so as not make us lose our way, or freeze in our journey. […]

Continued in Women's Voice




Women's Voice

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Voices from our Member Organisations which are testimony to the commitment of WUCWO´s members on the theme: "From Fatima to Dakar, 2014-2018."

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