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Women's Voice

Pandemic in our Common Home: Towards a Discernment

Here you can find extracts from some of the articles found in Women's Voice latest issue.


EDITORIAL, Virginia Rivero Lozada

Today, we present Women’s Voice no. 53. When we proposed the theme of a discernment on the Pandemic that is ravaging our Common Home, we were aware that it was necessary - in a spirit of synodality - to discern from our own reality what is happening in the world. Especially, it is necessary to know your experiences to open new horizons and innovate good practices in times of pandemic and postpandemic. [...]

This issue is the result of hard work by our organisations, the President and the Secretariat in the midst of a pandemic and with special health measures, such as lockdown and social distancing. [...]

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On the recent International Day of Peace, September 21, 2020, I sat down to write this article, and some contemporary “women peacemakers,” whom I was blessed to meet directly or indirectly, came spontaneously to my mind and heart. [...]

It still is up to us to be peacemakers, in particular in some of our countries that are in the midst of violent conflicts. But it is also our duty to be: women builders of our Common Home that has been jeopardised by the Coronavirus. If we pool and intertwine the potential of our organisations, with the grace of God, we will be like a small “beacon,” shedding light from a safe harbour on the way out of the global crisis. [...]

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I recently had a conversation with Elena, an Italian woman whose life involves “multi-tasking” in the way that is common for women today. She is a wife, a school teacher, and a mother of three children. Her family lives near to both sets of grandparents, who need attention and care. In addition, both she and her husband are activly involved in their local parish, where they hold roles of leadership. Elena described how she feels now that the schools have reopened in Italy, increasing the risk of her or her children catching and transmitting the virus. With tears in her eyes, she reflects on how she is the anchor-figure in a series of social networks and how she cannot imagine the effect on others if she were to fall sick.

My conversation with Elena was still on my mind when I turned to read the new encyclical of Pope Francis, “Fratelli Tutti.” I was immediately struck by its prophetic, challenging, and, even, somewhat disillusioned tone. [...]

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In the name of scientific and technological progress, modern economy, politics and present lifestyle, some men or government thought they were given absolute knowledge and power. The rich become richer and the poor become poorer and more desolate. The relationship among humans became more relative and confrontational. The dignity of our fellow human beings was degraded, as well as the other creations of God. We humans, have destroyed the biological diversity of God’s creation. No wonder, our environment is rebelling all over, from natural to manmade disasters – climate change, typhoons, floods, forest fires, explosions of explosive chemicals, political unrest, lootings and emergences of new infectious diseases like the COVID 19. [...]

My faith in God reinforced my spirituality. Indeed, this is a wake-up call for all of us! While I used to be very busy travelling from Ilagan to Manila and to other provinces monthly in line with my responsibilities as National President of CWL, I was complacent with my work. I looked into our organization on macro level orientation – I put emphasis on our constitution and by-laws, our policies, our goals, our theme. [...]

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[...] We discovered the hidden treasure of the family. The Lord has always accompanied every crisis of his people with extraordinary messages and seems to do so also in the face of this pandemic, which compels all of us to a forceful isolation in our homes. Celebrations are suspended, many Churches are closed and anyway it is risky to reach them. We feel alone, isolated and it is precisely in this isolation that the Spirit suggests us to rediscover the sacrament of marriage, by virtue of which our homes, due to the constant presence of Christ in the consecrated relationship of the spouses, are small domestic Churches. The importance of family relationship was vital. I had time to stay with my family. I learnt to be close to each child by words and deeds. I tried to cultivate the culture of the dialogue which helped me to build confidence in my kids’ life starting from the small daily gestures: to listen, to respect and share with others. [...]

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[...] One hundred years ago Lugano was a city of fishermen and craftsmen, whereas in the many valleys between the mountains of the canton of Ticino, life was very difficult and meagre: for many people emigrating to California, Australia, France, England and Italy was the only possible prospect. In 1920, the whole of Europe was coming out of the tragedy of the First World War which, even if it had not directly affected Switzerland, had largely conditioned its life: unemployment, lack of food, enormous precariousness due to the fact that all around it, the whole of Europe was devastated, and last but not least, the epidemic of the Spanish flu, that caused thousands of deaths in Switzerland too. They were very difficult years. It is in this scenario that the Ticino Catholic Women’s Union was born: initially a small group of young women - not identifying with the devotional practices of the women of the time and prevented from joining Catholic Action, which they felt close but had only a male section - decided to look together for a way to give substance to their vocation. [...]

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Our normally bustling capital city Valletta streets all of a sudden remained empty without tourists or office workers. The COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in socialdistancing measures, stay-at-home advice and the closing of Malta’s air and sea ports to commercial travel meant normally busy areas like Valletta remained empty since around mid-March 2020. Schools were closed down immediately. […]

Online meetings were also prayer moments – it is quite different to be praying with a group of persons online and trying to handle and work out how to keep connected... it is a different experience altogether. But once everyone settles down it can happen too – that spiritual moment when, although not physically near, there is the feeling of prayerful togetherness. This is a new learning experience. [...]

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Women's Voice

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Voices from our Member Organisations which are testimony to the commitment of WUCWO´s members on the theme: "Pandemic in our Common Home: Towards a Discernment".

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