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Women's Voice

Women in action - Overcoming the pandemic

Here you can find extracts from some of the articles found in Women's Voice latest issue.


EDITORIAL, Virginia Rivero Lozada

The magazine we present today is a living testimony of: “Women in action - Overcoming the pandemic”. Its pages contain extraordinary experiences of women from all over the world who, despite all adversity, have been building new paths of hope to overcome the days of sickness, pain and suffering. [...]

WUCWO's activities in international organisations continue unabated. These pages show our work at the United Nations in New York and Geneva, at UNESCO, the FAO and the Council of Europe. These are arenas where our representatives have been very active and have achieved important accomplishments, as you will read in this issue. [...]

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[...] The Church is also Mother and Wife. If we look at the Church through the Marian principle, we also see the communion of the Church around Mary, Mother of Jesus, Mother of the nascent Church at Pentecost and Mother throughout the history of the Church, as well as Wife of the Holy Spirit, who permanently guides the People of God. 

The Church that evangelises, that understands with tenderness, that teaches with compassion, shows her Marian face in every ecclesial vocation and mission. [...]

Continued in Women's Voice


On 14 June 2022 WUCWO presented the World Women’s Observatory (WWO) and its work in Latin America and Africa at Palazzo Altieri, in Rome. [...]

This initiative, was organised by WUCWO in collaboration with CELAM and was sponsored by the Embassies to the Holy See of Argentina, Australia, Austria, Colombia, Haiti, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

The main goal of the World Women’s Observatory is to give visibility to women, especially the most vulnerable, who seem to be “invisible”, both in terms of their suffering and their potential, and in this way, to inspire and generate pastoral strategies, synergies between NGOs, renew public policies and contribute to the international agenda. All this to promote the integral human development of women and that of their families, communities and peoples. [...]

Continued in Women's Voice


This pandemic, like any disease, reminds us of the vulnerability and limits of our human life: we are not perfect and we will never have total control over the course of our existence.

It is an invitation to humility and at the same time to trust and hope. We are not all powerful, but we are in the hands of the Almighty. The Lord accompanies us in the trials of our earthly life. Our faith gives meaning to suffering and sickness, which are not in vain: they open the path to salvation for us. [...]

Continued in Women's Voice


[...] In this context, in July 2021, AFCM signed a partnership agreement with the NGO THINK PEACE, a partner of the Malian Ministry of Religious Affairs and Worship. This agreement concerns the implementation of 28 small meetings in neighbourhoods and villages on the role of youth and women in
preventing and countering violent extremism and terrorism and transition in Mali, which is part of the community resilience project and is financed by the Fund for the Support of Drivers of Change (FAMOC) through THINK PEACE. [...]

The AFCM achieved its objectives by carrying out its 28 small meetings from August 2021 to April 2022; 14 of which were held in Bamako at parish level, 9 in rural villages and 5 in other regions. The small meetings consisted of explaining violent extremism and terrorism and presenting the transition period in Mali, in order to gather opinions, concerns and proposals for solutions to the proposed theme. [...]

Continued in Women's Voice


As 2019 drew to a close, The Catholic Women’s League of Canada was brimming with excitement. The organization was on the eve of its 100th year, and a wonderful celebration was planned for August 2020 in Montreal, Quebec. The national centenary committee had already prepared for some special projects and carried out several initiatives to begin the centennial celebrations. Parish councils across the country planted trees to Care for Our Common Home, and thousands of personal care products were provided to women’s shelters as members reached out to the marginalized as a social action plan. [...]

Continued in Women's Voice


[...] The most painful reality was the quarantine of those who contacted the virus. Family members were restricted from visiting or being care-givers in the quarantine centers. We carry vivid memories of how shabbily some of our Rev. Fathers, Sisters and family members were treated before they died and during burials. They had no loved ones by their side. The medical personnel dressed in strict Covid-19 attire were the ones who carried the corpses from the quarantine centers to the graves.

What action could we show-case in the face of a pandemic? As an Organisation that is subject to discipline, law and order of the Church and society, we turned to Jesus through Mary's intercession in Novenas, Prayers, Fasting and works of charity. [...]

Continued in Women's Voice


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Magazine "Women's Voice"

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Voices from our Member Organisations which are testimony to the commitment of WUCWO´s members on the theme: "Women in action - Overcoming the pandemic".

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