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Mónica Santamarina in El Debate


      Photo: Periódico El Debate - Jorge Ruiz

Mónica Santamarina in El Debate: Driving the Participation of Catholic Women in the Church and Society. 


Mónica Santamarina, interviewed in November in El Debate, offers a detailed vision of the work of WUCWO and explains her perspective on the role of women in the Church.

Santamarina, recently elected as President, sets priorities for the next four years, including the consolidation of the World Women’s Observatory, the work on the side of the Synod to promote the participation of women and the attention to issues such as migrants, refugee women, religious freedom, hunger and food shortage, as well as ecological conversion.

Furthermore, the interview addresses the role of women in the Church, highlighting the work of Pope Francis to promote the presence of women in places of leadership in the Vatican. Santamarina emphasises the importance of training and dialogue to advance the transformation of the Church from the inside, addressing the specific needs of women in different regions of the world. Likewise, she denies misinformation about the female priesthood, pointing out that it was not a topic discussed at the Synod.

Santamarina is a compromised leader in promoting the participation of women both in the Church and in society. Her work represents an inspiring example for all women who strive for equality.

Link to the article in Spanish: https://www.eldebate.com/religion/iglesia/20231114/monica-santamarina-presidenta-union-mujeres-catolicas-sacerdocio-femenino-no-tema-sinodo_153239.html