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WUCWO Day 2022

Copertina WUCWO Day 2022 ENG

Please find below the proposal for our WUCWO Day 2022, which has been drawn up by the Region of Asia-Pacific.

A special thanks goes to Catherine McGrath, Regional Vice President for Asia-Pacific.

This year's WUCWO Day will be celebrated during the Easter season, as indicated by the image of the Resurrection of the Lord. For the Lenten season, however, we propose something new for the women of WUCWO: to make a concrete charitable offering to help the most suffering women in Africa. 
As you know, WUCWO has created the World Women Observatory in 2021, and we have carried out the first project in Latin America and the Caribbean. This year we will start it in Africa, next year in Asia and so on.
We would like to invite you, as women of WUCWO, to participate together in solidarity in a Prayer and Fundraising Campaign to realise the Observatory in Africa, one of the most needy regions of the world, and in this way:
  • highlight and give visibility to the most suffering women, to the harm they suffer and the wounds inflicted on their dignity;
  • give women the opportunity to reflect on themselves, their feelings, sufferings and dreams; and
  • allow them to speak freely, to be heard and to discover and value their great riches.
All this in order to find together, inspire and promote solutions to their sufferings in the Church, governments and society.
Before the beginning of Lent, we will send you the material for the awareness-raising and the implementation of the Campaign. WUCWO Day will be a milestone in the Campaign, and the prayer prepared by the Asia-Pacific Region, to whose members we are deeply grateful, will certainly help us.
Thank you very much!