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10th January 2020: Private audience with the Holy Father

Los 3 sentados con élWe thank Pope Francis for granting a private audience to the WUCWO authorities, María Lía Zervino and Andrea Ezcurra, servidoras, and Fr Gerard Whelan, SJ, who were received in his library on 10 January 2020. The meeting made it possible to express gratitude, on behalf of the 8 million members of our organisations, for the delicate and frequent attention the Holy Father gives to women, particularly the most vulnerable, throughout the world. 

Before wrapping up the conversation, the Pope was asked to bless all the women of WUCWO, their families, countries, organisations and projects. In his final message the Holy Father encouraged all women members of WUCWO organisations to move forward on the path to holiness with courage, but also with craziness. He said: “Without craziness there is no holiness.” He recommended that we be like Mary Magdalene who was crazy enough to announce the resurrection of Jesus to the apostles, even though they did not believe her. His exhortation was: “Take charge with courage”.

On behalf of the women of WUCWO, we thank the Holy Father for his guidance for our mission.

Articles on the encounter with the Holy Father: 

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