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Closing of the special Synod for the Pan-Amazon region

sinodo 25 ottobre

WUCWO also attended the last briefing on the work of the Synod on Friday 25 October. The following participated:

- Bishop Joaquín Humberto Pinzón Güiza, I.M.C., vicar apostolic of Puerto Leguízamo-Solano, titular of Ottocio, Colombia;

- Bishop Evaristo Pascoal Spengler, O.F.M., bishop-prelate of Marajó, Brazil;

- Reverend Nicolau Nascimento de Paiva, coordinator of CAIC, the Evangelical Church of the Lutheran Confession in Brazil, Brazil;

- Reverend Fr. Miguel Heinz, S.V.D., president of Adveniat, Germany;

- Reverend Suora Inés Azucena Zambrano Jara, M.M.I., of the Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate and of Saint Catherine of Siena, Colombia;

- Dr. Paolo Ruffini, prefect of the Dicastery for Communication;

- Fr. Giacomo Costa, S.J., secretary of the Commission for Information.


On Saturday, after 21 days of work, the final document of the Special Assembly of the Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon Region was voted on and presented to the Holy Father. The document describes the Synod as a fraternal, open, respectful and free meeting of the bishops, pastors in the Amazon, missionaries, lay people and representatives of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon.

All the participants, says the document, have "expressed a keen awareness of the dramatic situation of destruction affecting the Amazon. This means the disappearance of the territory and its inhabitants, especially the indigenous peoples.” The region is described as a "multi-ethnic and multicultural reality" and even "multi-religious" that "demands an attitude of open dialogue, also recognising the large number of interlocutors: indigenous peoples, people from the riverside, peasants and afro-descendants, other Christian churches and religious denominations, civil society organisations, popular social movements, the State."

The document explains that "for the Amazon Church it is urgent that ministries for men and women be promoted and conferred in an equitable way." Also, "we must consolidate the Church of baptised men and women by promoting ministeriality and, above all, awareness of baptismal dignity.”

The Synod Fathers, under the protection of Mary, ask that "with her intercession, this Synod be a concrete expression of synodality, so that the full life that Jesus came to bring into the world may reach everyone, especially the poor, and contribute to the care of the "common home."


sinodo 25 ottobre 2