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2014 General Assembly Declaration



Final Declaration of the
World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations General Assembly 2014

The General Assembly of the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations (WUCWO) met in Fatima, Portugal 23-27 October 2014.  In light of the difficult world situation and encouraged by the inspiring words of Pope Francis,  nearly 500 women from 35 countries and 56 organisations worked and studied guided by the Assembly theme of Women of WUCWO: Sowers of Hope.

We resolved that:

1. The WUCWO Board and Member Organisations will work to implement the selected priority for 2014-2018:Hope in action in the service of family, youth, and the suffering of the world.

2. The following resolutions were adopted:

Family:  WUCWO will encourage and support its member organisations and its representatives working at international fora to give priority to the urgent challenges facing the family and youth.

Human Trafficking:  WUCWO, its member organisations and its representatives at international fora will work individually and in network with other confessional and non-confessional related organisations to end the tragedy of human trafficking.

Dialogue for Peace and Tolerance:  WUCWO will create a climate of understanding and mutual respect to contribute to the achievement of peace around the world, cultivating and promoting a respectful dialogue with the world, with people from other Christian denominations and other religions, within the Catholic Church and among WUCWO’s member organisations.

Addiction Prevention for a Life With a Future: WUCWO shall promote through its member organisations the incorporation of prevention and elimination of alcohol and drug addictions in its action programs.

Prevention and Fight Against Corruption:  WUCWO, its member organisations and its International Representatives shall work with international bodies and national governments, communities and families, to eliminate corruption.

Right to Have Access to Clean Drinking Water and Sanitation: WUCWO member organisations shall encourage amongst its members good practices in the sustainable use of water and shall encourage governments to accomplish the same.

3. Women of WUCWO will continue in their efforts to pray and act to attain a world that is just and secure so that all persons everywhere can flourish and fulfil the mission for which they were created.

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