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The establishment of Bahay Pangarap Women’s Center in the Diocese of Malolos was conceptualized by Most Reverend Bishop Jose F. Oliveros, D.D, Rev. Fr. Domingo Salonga and the Catholic Women’s League under the leadership of Mrs. Fortunata “Nellie” B. O’Santos. Funds were raised for the building construction through the support of the then Governor of Bulacan, Josie M. dela Cruz, CWL membership and various benefactors and friends.


Formal operation of the center was in 2006. It was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and was likewise registered, licensed and accredited by the Department of Social Welfare and Development. It is a 24-hour residential facility which provides shelter, care and protection for women and girls 10-45 years of age who are in crisis. They are usually victims of battery, sexual abuse or exploitation, trafficking and some are women experiencing crisis situation and in need of professional help.

The Vision of the center is to rebuild the lives of women and girls in crisis. And its Mission is to provide temporary shelter and rehabilitation assistance to women and girls in the hope of nurturing and developing them into self-sufficient and self-fulfilled individuals.

The center group and living homelife services follows:

1. Spiritual enrichment are given to the residents through bible sharing, prayer sessions, catechism including regular attendance to Sunday Mass and the opportunity to receive the sacrament of reconciliation if they wish.

2. Psychological Interventions are also provided through regular counseling, music therapy and sessions on anger management. If necessary recommendation are given to seek professional help from psychologist/psychiatrists.

3. Health Services are provided such as regular medical and dental check-up and laboratory test as well as special dietary care when necessary. They are provided with nutritious and well-balanced meals including vitamins.

4. Training on daily living skills, personality development/self-enhancement skills. They are given lessons in cooking, washing, and in maintaining the up-keep and cleanliness of the center. Proper budgeting in food and supplies including personal necessities. Sessions on good manners and right conduct are part of their training with personal grooming and hygiene.

5. Livelihood and job training service are also available for them to be productive. Simple food preparation, baking, soap, candles, chocolate candy making and rosary making are some of the livelihood training services.

6. Formal Education is also available for residents. At present, we have home study program for current residents conducted by resident staff, 10 elementary pupils age ranging from 10-17 years of age; 3 high school students and one (1) second year college student.

7. Play, recreation and cultural activities undertaken not only for amusement and relaxation but as therapeutic strategy. Play activities that instill group spirit, camaraderie and belongingness are encouraged. Celebrating birthdays, TV viewing and film showing are part of their activities.

8. Community Services are extended to mothers in the community who are in need of extra income to augment for their basic needs. Skills training are provided to enhance their skill to start a small business of their own.

9. Social Services are also provided for walk-in clients who are in crisis but do not need shelter. These services are counseling, and referral services.

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