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Fifty Years of Dedication and Hope

CWO Malawi

Fifty Years of Dedication and Hope: Catholic Women’s Organisation (CWO) of Malawi, Celebrates a Significant Milestone. 

Lilongwe, Malawi - In the setting of Lilongwe Stadium, the Catholic Women Organisation (CWO) of Malawi celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. Founded back in 1973, the association has played a crucial role in the social and religious fabric of the country, with a constant and significant commitment to the common good.

Representing Catholic women from all over Malawi, the CWO is part of the World Union of Catholic Women's Organisations (WUCWO), a global network that promotes the active participation of women in the Church and in society.

The anniversary was celebrated under the theme "Women are the Pillars of the Church," highlighting the fundamental contribution of Catholic women to the growth and development of the Catholic Church and Malawian society over fifty years of dedication. 

With the guidance of Bishop Martin Anwel Mtumbuka, the Bishop of Karonga and President of the Pastoral Commission of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi, the gathered women listened to a message filled with hope and responsibility. "You must choose the Malawi you desire. Currently, things are not going well, and we cannot continue like this. You have the responsibility and the power to choose the future," urged the Bishop, emphasising the crucial role of women in shaping the nation's destiny. 

Archbishop George Tambala of Lilongwe praised the work of the CWO women and encouraged them to continue on the same path. "When I look at you, I see a great future. The works you carry out significantly contribute to the development of the Church and the nation. So, remain united and focused on the values and vision of the CWO," said the Archbishop, emphasising the importance of unity and the pursuit of shared ideals. 

Mónica Santamarina, President General of WUCWO, sent a congratulatory message to the Catholic Women Organisation of Malawi in a letter read in the presence of Church authorities and congregants by Mrs. Evaline Malisa Ntenga, Tanzania's CWO President and WUCWO Vice President for the Africa Region. "Your determined women have carried out charity work and supportive initiatives in your country's communities, spreading the word of God among people and always inspired by the Christian mandate of evangelization. I encourage you to go forward with enthusiasm in your projects and activities in favor of our mission," the message acknowledged.

For her part, Ntenga underscored also the importance of women's talents and abilities in contributing to Malawi's progress. "We have different talents that we should use for the benefit of others. Whatever we can do, let's do it positively to contribute to Malawi's development," said Ntenga, who also heads the African Catholic Women Organisation. 

Despite economic challenges, such as high inflation and foreign currency scarcity, the determination of CWO women to work for the good of the community was evident. 

In this fiftieth year of work the Catholic Women Organisation of Malawi demonstrated that women are the pillars of the Church and society, advancing their mission with courage and hope for a better future for the country.

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