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Regional News


003We, FFBKEM of Madagascar, have been experiencing the theme "women of WUCWO carrying living water for a world thirsty for peace" through awareness- raising sessions on the various violence currently being experienced by children and young girls in our country (work inadequate at their age for children, sexual violence including abuse of close relatives or early sexual intercourse for young girls). We took advantage of World Youth Days, JMJ Mada 9 from 08 to 14 October 2018, which took place in Mahajanga, to expose the problems related to this violence and to propose the related solutions.

The outreach sessions were organized at the 13 JMJ sites, grouping approximately 30,000 young boys and girls. We have particularly appealed to boys to respect the rights of young girls in their behaviour and their various relationships because today’s girls and boys will be tomorrow’s future parents. It was also an opportunity to inform the attendance of International Girls' Day, celebrated every year on 11 October.

The members of the FFBKEM joined the JMJ in the closing ceremony and the great Mass of 14 October 2018 in Belobaka Mahajanga 2.

Our interventions continued in the Diocese of Antsirabe on World Women’s Day of March 08, 2019. The meeting with the various associations was held in the House of the diocese in Antsahatanteraka. We, members of the FFBKEM with our Ecclesiastical Assistant, Reverend Father RAKOTOZAFIMAHERY Christophe Alfred, gave a lecture on the various family problems currently experienced by many households: divorced parents, parents in permanent conflicts, father of a family without work, communication between parents and children, mother who raises her children alone, etc.To provide adequate solutions to these various problems, the Ecclesiastical Assistant referred to the Gospel and catechesis. As for us, the FFBKEM speakers at this meeting, we discussed the adverse effects of these problems such as children dropping out of school, working at a young age, early marriage for girls and even the use of prostitution, being victim of scams in the search for work, etc...The proposed solutions focused on improving marital relationships (fidelity between spouses, communication, mutual understanding, etc...), the application of natural family planning, the improvement of parent-child communication (listening, advice, etc.), and the extension of other activities generating complementary income.

The meeting was closed by a Mass on Sunday, March 10, 2019 in the same enclosure.

Next year we wish to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Several activities are in sight as part of this celebration.


Elisabeth Rasoafenomanana

FFBKEM, Madagascar