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WUCWO's activities at FAO - 2018

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Our presence at FAO has developed on two different levels:

  1. By participating to the life of FORUM on Catholic inspired NGOs
  2. As member of Ad Hoc Group (AhG)which gathers most of the NGOs  acknowledged by the FAO.

The work in AhG is mostly related to the main themes which are dealt at FAO and the possible contribution we can offer.

As member of the FORUM we participate to the meetings  which are usually moments of reflection and discussion on some targets . At the same time there were events organized in collaboration with the Permanent Observer of the Holy See  at FAO where we brought our witness and work on themes connected mostly with agriculture, sustainability and contribution of women.

After the publication of Laudato Sì there was the  intention to  give a presentation together with the Permanent Observer of the Holy See but, especially for economical reasons , it was not possible. Unfortunately  one of the two I.R was not well and had to withdraw from her presence at FAO.