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Council of Europe

WUCWO's activities at the Council of Europe, June 2016 - May 2017


Council of Europe (2 representatives)


  • During the June session of the Council, WUCWO participated: 

      -  In the Conference on "Women and Religion": right - equality - freedom.

      -  In the Democracy Commission - Social Cohesion and Global Issues

      -  In the Commission "Education and Culture"


  • WUCWO’s representatives, Anne-Marie Morizot and Françoise Zorn, attended the meeting at the Permanent Mission of the Holy See, promoted by CINGO to reflect on the theme of the family and to echo the exhortation Amoris Laetitia.


  • During the January session of the Council, WUCWO’s representatives, together with the Secretary General, María Lía Zervino, participated: 

      -  In the Conference on Human Rights and Enterprise - the regulation of the activities of multinationals for better respect for human rights and local development.

      -  In the Working Group "Rights and Protection of Children"

      -  In the Annual Conference of the NGOs


  • They also attended meeting at the Permanent Mission of the Holy See and the reflection group of CINGO on the occasion of the Session of the Council.