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Resolutions 2014-2018

Water well in Senegal

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In July 2017, Virginia Pastor, Administrative assistant, together with Monique Faye, Board member for Senegal, and other WUCWO women, visited the small Muslim community of Keur Mbar, in the rural heart of Senegal, where, thanks to WUCWO’s work of coordination and the financing by Manos Unidas, a well of drinking water, based on solar energy, and a water tower were built. In addition to that, a drip irrigation system will be completed. During the visit, a mango plantation was done in the village that will be irrigated with water from the well. One of these plants was placed by Virginia and "baptised" with her name by the Chief of the village. Before that, people living in the village had to walk 10 kilometres to obtain drinking water.

See pictures below



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Well of drinking water

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Monique Faye with WUCWO women in front of the well of drinking water

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Monique Faye and the water tower

pozo 4

Solar panels

pozo 5

Drip irrigation system

pozo 6

Virginia planting a mango

pozo 7

The village of Keur Mbar