Second Meeting with Women from Middle East 2016, Bari, Italy




Second Meeting with Women from Middle East

From Amman to Bari, to meet women from the Middle East.

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Bari, Italy, October 2016

The President of WUCWO invited all organisations and their members to attend the Second Meeting with Women From Middle East, that will take place in Bari from the 19th to 23rd October 2016. The 2nd Conference is entitled: Women, workers of peace towards a culture of meeting and dialogue (following the event realized in Amman, Jordan, in 2013). This conference will have an ecumenical profile and will fit into the spirit of the Jubilee of Mercy. As Western and Eastern religious women united for a culture of peace, we wish to be a powerful symbol of women’s contribution to the fight against extremism and conflicts that make us suffer today. This event will promote action and dialogue of women for peace and reconciliation in one of the world’s most conflictual area, whose situation affects the entire world.

We can all contribute to the success of this event by our presence or by a financial contribution. Indeed, WUCWO started a campaign to help women from Middle East – which do not have the economic resources – to attend it.

All WUCWO women are invited from October 19th to 23rd 2016 in Bari! This city, south port of Italy on Mediterranean Sea, is considered as the “Gateway to the East” and the meeting place of the separated brothers.

Please, complete the form and send it to the Secretary: to attend personally at the Conference or to offer an economic support.



An evening focused on the WUCWO Conference in Amman

On December 5th the FIAC organised an evening focused on the WUCWO Conference in Amman at the pastoral centre of Nazareth with the active contribution of all the participants of Galilee; there were 250 people. It has been very nice.